How to Run Omegle in Pakistan | How to use Omegle in pakistan | Omegle | Error connecting to server.

 How to use Omegle in pakistan Omegle  Error connecting to server.

In this article i will be show you how to Used Omegle in Pakistan, Learn how to easily fix Omegle error in connecting to server in Pakistan problem in Omegle 2021.

What is Omegle. 

Omegle is a website where a person can chat with a random stranger without any supervision. 

Why Omegle is so popular in Pakistan. 

· Omegle allows users to socialize with strangers without sharing personal information. 

·   On omegle you can chat with any country people and communicat with different society people.

·   In this website you can also make lot of friend. 

·  Omegle also offers video chat for adults. and in this way you can Build communication skill by doing video chat with different country people in omegle  in Pakistan.

·         In 2012, Omegle added a feature that paired strangers based on shared interests. 

·         Omegle added a dangerous feature that allows an user to capture a screenshot of the conversation. 

Why Omegle is banned in Pakistan.

         Omegle is Text chatting and also video chatting Website which is  created by 18-year-old Leif K-Brooks of Brattleboro in 25 March month after launching Omegle page views 150000.but the omegle is limited to some country whcih means you can't used worldwide,and its also banned in Pakistan.How you can used omegle in pakistan i will show in this article very esay method follow the step that i will be show below.

How to Use Omegle in Pakistan

      When you Entered the website in Pakistan you can't Used and  its always show this error
      Error connecting to server.

      1. To Access Omegle in Pakistan

Install this two Vpn

For Pc Users  download the chrome extension  its name is  Ultra Surface Security  to used omegle in Pakistan.

         For android user download Super Vpn to use Omegle video chat on android in Pakistan

Connect the Vpn when  Entered in website just like that to  use Omegle app in Pakistan

After that Enter in website to Omegle in pakistan

When Enter In website then disconnect the  Vpn just like that 

After that click on Video tab in website and you can easily assess the omegle in pakistan 
If its not working on first try then disconnect the vpn and refresh the browsers two are three time 
and Enter in browser again.


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