How to Delete Tower of Fantasy Launcher

How to Delete Tower of Fantasy Launcher

Do you want to Delete Your Tower of Fantasy Launcher?

TOF launcher is different than the original Game file.

If you delete the Game Launcher it does not mean that your game will be also Deleted.

To Delete the Launcher Go to >DESK C on your system and open the "Program file" folder there you will be seeing the Tower of Fantasy file open it and Delete the Launcher folder.

Alternatively, you can also go there by searchings the "Tower of Fantasy" in The search bar.

In this guide, you will learn how to "Delete the Tower of Fantasy" Launcher and why the launcher option is not showing.

  1. Open the Tower of Fantasy file location
  2. Next, Delete the Launcher Folder

Step: 1 Open the Tower of Fantasy file location

Delete Tower of Fantasy Launcher

The First thing you need to do is go to the game file locations and find the game folder.

If you save the game in Default settings then go to "This pc/Local Disk(c)/program file" and then search for Tower of Fantasy Folder.

If you save any go to that place and locate the Tower of Fantasy Folder.

Step: 2 Delete the Launcher Folder

Delete Tower of Fantasy Launcher

Once you find the "Tower of Fantasy" Game folder next opens the folder.

When you open the folder you will be seeing all the files of the Tower of Fantasy Game.

Here you need to Search for the Launcher Folder and delete it.

Alternatively, Press the "L" button on the keyboard and you will easily find the Launcher folder.


There is no direct option available to Delete The Tower of Fantasy Launcher you will be doing it manually.

The first thing to do is to locate the file location of the game launcher of the Tower of Fantasy.

Once you find the Tower of Fantasy File location Next Open it and search for the Launcher folder and delete it.

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