How to fix unable to update the Tower of Fantasy

How to fix unable to update the Tower of Fantasy

Is your Tower of Fantasy Game not updating?

If your game is not up to date maybe you will face an error on the game.

But most of the User is also have the issue that the Tower of Fantasy is not updating when they want to update it on their device.

The updating issue caused in Tower of Fantasy is because of two things the first one is you have no sufficient Storage space on your device and the 2nd one is that you do not have a stable network connection.

In this guide, you will learn why your "Tower of Fantasy game is not updating" and why you're facing the update issue on TOF.

Method: 01 Check your Storage on your device

fix unable to update the Tower of Fantasy

The first method is simple you need to check your "device Storage" if you have sufficient Storage to update the game.

The minimum Storage required for Tower of Fantasy is 8GB If you do have not 8GB of free space you will be facing this error.

To "check your device storage" go to my file on the mobile and click on it.

Once you open my file on your device next scroll to the bottom and click on the analyze Storage it will show the free space on your mobile.

The only way to fix this error is to delete some files or applications from your device and make 8GB of free space.

Method: 02 Fix the Network Connection

fix unable to update the Tower of Fantasy

If you have free space on your device and you still facing the updating issue then it is because of your network connection.

When the "Network connection is not stable" you will be not able to update the Tower of Fantasy game.

To check whether your internet connection is stable or not go to this website speed test.

If you want to not face the error again then you need a Stable internet connection to update the Tower of Fantasy game.


The "Unable to update the game" is generating because either you do not have sufficient storage space to update the game.

or the Network connection that your using is not stable.

To fix it make sure that you have free space of 8GB on your device and stable internet.

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