How to Fix "Update failed due to insufficient storage" on Tower of Fantasy

How to Fix "Update failed due to insufficient storage" on Tower of Fantasy

Are you getting the "Update failed" Error on Tower of Fantasy?

Here are the full error messages "Update failed due to insufficient storage".

The error is caused if you do not have enough space to download the Tower of Fantasy Game.

Also sometimes the insufficient storage error is shown because of a corrupt file in this case you need to clear the cache and data of the game.

In this guide, you will learn why you get the "Update failed due to insufficient storage" Error on Tower of Fantasy and how to fix it.

Method: 01 Check for free Space on your device

Update failed due to insufficient storage

The First method to fix the "not enough space to install the game" error is to check the Storage on your device.

If there is no free space on your device then you will be not able to fix it.

To check your Device "Storage" Go to my files scroll to the bottom and click on the analyze Storage.

There you will be able to see your device Storage minimum space required for the Tower of Fantasy is 8GB.

If you have free 8GB space available on your device then follow the 2nd method.

Method: 02 Clear the Cache and data of Tower of Fantasy

Update failed due to insufficient storage

The Next Method to fix the Error is to clear the cache and data of the Tower of Fantasy.

Sometimes the corrupt file is saved with the game and its causes this type of error.

To, clear the cache and Data go to mobile settings search for "Tower of Fantasy" Game, and open it.

Alternatively, you can also go there by "pressing" the Tower of Fantasy Icon and then going to app info.

After, You open the tower of Fantasy Game Settings Next click on "Storage" and clear the cache and data of the game.

Restart the Game and your error will be fixed.

How much space is required to solve the “insufficient disk space” error?

According to the email you need to have at least 12GB, but 15GB is recommended. So yeah 9,6GB is a bit low for that.

Also Currently using 10.48 GB total on iOS

Anyone facing the issue of ‘not enough disk space’ available for ToF download?

Yes, a lot of users are facings this issue on Tower of Fantasy Game.

To fix the issue you need to make sure that you have free space on your device.

The 2nd way to fix it is to Clear your cache and data of the Tower of Fantasy game and you are good to go.

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