How to update Tower of Fantasy Game Launcher

Do you want to "Update Game Launchers" of Tower of Fantasy?

To Update, the Tower of Fantasy Launcher clicks on the three icons in the top right corner.

After that new pop-up will be open with you there search for Check update and click on it.

Alternatively. you can also update the game launcher by deleting the game launcher and reinstalling it.

In this guide, you will learn how to "Update Tower of Fantasy" Game Launcher and Install the latest version of the Tower of Fantasy Game.

Login Status Exception, exiting the game

Most of the people facing issues in the game because of the old version of the game Launcher.

If the Game gives you any error then it may because of the old version of the Tower of Fantasy Game launcher.

To Update, the game launcher clicks on the three-dot icon in the top right corner and then clicks on Check update.

Login Status Exception, exiting the game

If the "Game Launcher" is up to date it will show this type of window with the message "Already the latest version".

Next, click on the Confirm button and restart your system.

If the Game Launcher is not up to date then the download of the new version will start.

Once the "Launcher" is up to date next Restart your device and relaunched the game the error should be fixed.


In the above guide, we have mentioned the simple way to update the game launcher of Tower of Fantasy.

Updating the old version of the tower of Fantasy Game launcher is very simple just open the launcher click on the three-dot icon and then next click on the check for update.

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