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About Us/Blog

About the Blog

if You Want to Learn about History of osman Gazi  ,  how they establish sultanate osmania and about Other islamic history platform Then sadeqe.blogspot.com is the Best Place for You Where you can learn this kind of things Easily in Hindi or English.

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About Us

This is The Official Website of sadeqe info YouTube Channel.

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hi, I’m A__b__SADEQE.

a Blogger, YouTuber, and Digital Marketer, I have 2 years of experience in This Field, I love Technology Blindly, and Also Love To Share knowledge On Social Platform, My Biggest Achievement is When I Successfully Help someone and They Said God bless You. I have more Then 10+ Different Blogs, and Currently Running 6+ Sites. if You Want To know more About me then You can look at on my      Personal page ,

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